Eligibility Questionnaire For STC

Occams Advisory's Self-Employed Tax Credit (STC) Platform!

Unlock your potential for substantial tax savings with our intuitive Self-Employed Tax Credit platform. Seamlessly designed to ensure compliance, security, and ease of use, our platform empowers you to claim your entitled Self-Employed Tax Credit, made available through the FFCRA and ARPA.

Are you eligible? Let's find out. Our tailored questionnaire will swiftly determine your eligibility and guide you to our Client Portal, where you can effortlessly upload the necessary documentation to claim your credit.

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Prepare for success:

Gather your tax filings from 2019, 2020, and 2021, along with any additional 1099 or W2 forms.

Transparent Pricing:

  • One-time administrative fee of $99 upon eligibility determination.
  • Competitive 25% of the Self-Employment Tax Credit amount upon filing.

Unlock the benefits with Occams Advisory.

Discover the possibilities: a refundable tax credit of up to $32,220 awaits with our clients averaging nearly $10,000 in returns.

Expert Guidance:

At Occams Advisory, our seasoned team boasts over a decade of experience and a wealth of tax expertise. We guarantee to maximize your savings while ensuring full compliance with the tax code.

Experience tax optimization like never before. For inquiries, assistance, or support, reach out to us at stc@occamsadvisory.com Get started today and pave the way to financial empowerment with Occams Advisory!